Continued: Five SOLID reasons why you should not buy a Royal Enfield

Continued: Five SOLID reasons why you should not buy a Royal Enfield

Retro Modern


No bike in the vicinity has the kind of retro styling that Royal Enfields offer. That, with the simple yet modern underpinnings mean the bikes don’t feel out of place. The closest alternative you can find that offers classic styling is of course the Triumph Bonneville. More powerful and useable but the Bonneville is more than thrice as expensive as your regular RE.

Cafe Racer


With the reintroduction of the Continental GT, Royal Enfield now offers what’s the only actual cafe-racer at a not very exorbitant price. With a lightweight frame, a powerful 535 cc engine, and cafe-racer styling, the Royal Enfield Continental GT is one of the best REs that can be bought in India. It  handles better than other REs and that engine has torque in abundance to play with.

Inexpensive adventure tourer

Royal Enfield Himalayan 8

Himalayan is RE’s new bike, with which the company showcased its new 411 cc engine. But more than that, the vehicle is an enthusiast-oriented adventure tourer that can take on its namesake mountain range without breaking a sweat. Again, it’s a lot of bike for the price, making RE a proper VFM brand.

Best platform for modification


Simple mechanicals and presence for longer than you and I can imagine have made the Royal Enfield a well-know name in India. The same popularity is evident with how widespread the customisers are in India. Take the Bullet 500 for example. Simple, powerful, and very charismatic — the way an RE has to be!

It still has CHARACTER

And easily the most important aspect of all — character. Unlike the modern bikes that might offer hassle- and quirk-free riding but lack character, the RE still — even with attempts to modernise it — manages to strike the right chord. Be it the noise (thump) or the torque-y engine, Royal Enfield’s still got it.

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