Go wide: India's 10 best body kitted cars

Continued: Go wide: India’s 10 best body kitted cars


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The SX-4 was launched with a tagline ‘The men are back”. This meant that the car already was pretty bold and muscular to look at. This owner decided to take it to a new level though.

He opted to put on a wide body kit onto the SX-4. In addition to the fenders, he also has added a new bumper both at the front and at the back. It now sits on 18″ rims. The car has been repainted in a custom white shade that has golden pearl finish.

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The vehicle also features a few performance mods like a custom header and down pipe and a cold air intake system. There are a lot of audio upgrades on the car also.


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The Lancer started the sporty sedan revolution in the country. Back in the day, if you had a Lancer, you were certainly counted in the happening list. Since there was so much passion for the vehicle and also due to its rally pedigree ( Evos), there are a lot of modified Lancers in the country.

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This one features a wide-body kit to make it look similar to the Evo 6. We certainly think the car looks really nice. Not only that, the tuner has gone and turbocharged the vehicle and it now makes a healthy 124 Whp (wheel horse power calculated by reducing 15-20 % from actual Bhp depending upon how much drive train losses are involved). The vehicle was also repainted in this shade and has D2 big brake kit to make it stop better.


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The Ikon was sporty to drive, though it didn’t look very sporty. Here’s one with a custom wide body kit in a bright blue shade which has been done up pretty well. In addition to the wide body kit, there is a new bumper with a spliter and a larger rear bumper with quad exhausts. There is a massive spoiler which looks a little overdone in my opinion. The car also features custom aftermarket headlamps with projectors and LEDs.


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Though this Zen may not look very special, it features a lot of fire power in addition to the wide-body kit. Readers would have noticed that this one is the 2-door version, that only came in silver and black. So the owner has got the vehicle repainted in a yellow shade. The vehicle is now powered by a 1.3 liter engine making 100 Bhp and is certainly a hoot to drive.


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The first thing you will notice on this Esteem is the fact that it has a very unique paint shade which changes depending upon which angle the car is viewed from. Also, there is a custom wide-body kit with a new bumper. flared wheel arches a more muscular looking bonnet. The rear doors aren’t there any more and there is a massive spoiler at the back.

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Image source: 78910