Continued: Hidden features in modern cars: Part-II

Anti theft with key

Volkswagen, Skoda


Some cars that have key less entry systems have this feature. Say the battery of the key dies and you have to use the use and open the door manually, in that case the alarm will get activated in 15 seconds if the ignition isn’t turned on after opening the door.

Emergency flashing brake lamps/hazards

Ford, BMW, Skoda, VW

tail lights

Under panic braking, certain cars switch on their hazard lamps so as to warn other road users that there is a situation up ahead. This happens in the BMWs and Fords. In case of VW, you can switch on the feature using VCDS where in your brake light will blink under heavy braking to warn the people behind.

Unit change

Skoda, VW, Fiat, BMW, Audi


You can change the units on most of the above mentioned vehicles. You can opt for km or miles, the way the mileage is displayed (kmpl or l/100km etc). In Fiats it is directly possible to do it using the setting option near the fog lamp button. In BMWs, the option is there in the i-Drive system. Skoda and VW cars will need to be plugged into VCDS to make the change. For the Polo’s climate control however, the units from degree F to degree C can be changed by pressing the AUTO and AC buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds.

Mirror opposite side folding

Swift, Figo, Aspire, Punto, Linea


Given how bad the traffic conditions in India are, some companies have designed their mirrors in such a way that they can fold the opposite direction when they are hit. This prevents them from breaking which is a good thing.

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