Illtreated Rolls Royces from across the globe

Continued: Ill-treated Rolls Royces from across the globe

Here are 5 more Rolls that have sadly met the same fate as those 5 in the previous post.

Garbaged Phantom

rolls 9

No, the car isn’t garbage. The reason for this crash was that the owner of this Phantom decided that he wanted to overtake in an area where overtaking wasn’t permitted.

He happened to lose control of the vehicle and rammed into a garbage truck. Damage to the front end is extensive with the bonnet, the fenders, the grill taking the massive impact.

Chilling Silver Dawn

There are a lot of vehicles that have randomly been abandoned in various cities across the vehicle. This Silver Dawn has been abandoned at the Dubai airport, possibly by a person who got into trouble in the country and wanted to migrate elsewhere, or by a company that wrapped up their business.

rolls 10

Whatever be the case, seeing such a vehicle in such a sad state is deeply disturbing.

Totalled Wraith

rolls 2

This Wraith featured here has had a very bad crash, from the looks of it. Details on it are not known, but the vehicle has sustained frontal damage along with the side and the rear, which indicates that this Wraith has flipped over multiple times. While the Wraith was built as a driver oriented Rolls which was sporty and agile (as a luxury coupe), this owner took that phrase a little too seriously we suppose.

Totalled Wraith-II

rolls 7

Here we have another Wraith that has met with a severe accident. It supposedly drove off the road in order to save an animal that came in the way. Now though, the vehicle has been wedged between a few trees and plants and has received massive damage to the sides and the front.

Rolling DHC


The DHC is the drop top version of the Phantom. This one here was being driven at high speeds at ended up rolling a few times. Since it has a soft top roof, you can see that the whole top portion of the vehicle is missing, like it never even existed.

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