Continued: India’s 10 most expensive cruiser bikes

Honda Gold Wing Airbag

Continued: India’s 10 most expensive cruiser bikes

Price: Rs 30.48 lakh

You want something to cover long distances on, but don’t want to go the cruiser route, then there’s the Honda Goldwing. With a six-cylinder 1,832 cc engine sitting between your legs, a comfortable seat with individual backrests, and even a six-speaker entertainment system, it’s one of the best tourers around.

But that’s not all, there’s an airbag for additional safety, an electric reverse system that lets you park without having to do much of manual work (apart from balancing, that is), and even 150 liters of luggage space. The presence of heated grips and seats, and a foot-warming system further sweeten the deal.

Indian Chief

Continued: India’s 10 most expensive cruiser bikes

Price: Rs 30.30 lakh (Vintage); Rs 27.16 lakh (Classic); Rs 22.99 lakh (Dark Horse)

You can get the Chief in three versions: Classic, Vintage, and Dark Horse. The engine remains the same in all three, and the main difference is the approach to cruising. The Vintage (photo 1), being the most expensive of the lot, offers more features and as the name suggests, a classic styling.

Continued: India’s 10 most expensive cruiser bikes

The Classic loses some of the features but has enough individuality and originality that makes it stand out.

Continued: India’s 10 most expensive cruiser bikes

The Dark Horse is slightly shorter in overall length, but with dark styling is the bad boy here. It’s more of an entry-point to the Chief range, so feature set is fairly limited.

Harley Davidson Road King

Continued: India’s 10 most expensive cruiser bikes

Price: Rs 26.03 lakh

Is the Chief a bit too classic, and the Gold Wing a bit too modern for you? Well, you can of course look at the Road King. It shares its engine with the Street Glide, has similar weight, but misses out on the fairing and instead uses a windscreen.

But that’s not a lost opportunity as the vehicle boasts a unique triple-headlamp arrangement, looks undeniably cool, and while not range-topping, it can carry off almost everything: from a shotgun-wielding Terminator on his way to save the world to a keen long-distance rider doing cross-country runs (on good roads, of course).

And if you want something different

Yamaha VMax

Continued: India’s 10 most expensive cruiser bikes

Price: Rs 25.65 lakh

So what makes the VMax special? A V4 engine that makes 200 PS and 167 Nm? A styling that can leave a long lasting impression on the onlooker, or the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds: cruising as well as sport riding?

It turns out the VMax has all of it, and while it (or the Rocket III, for that matter) offers the kind of laid-back riding the above mentioned bikes offer, it’s a worthy addition to the keen rider’s garage. Just ask John Abraham!

Triumph Rocket III Roadster

Continued: India’s 10 most expensive cruiser bikes

Price: Rs 22.60 lakh

Okay, among production bikes, the Rocket III has the largest engine, comes with a shaft drive, has huge presence on the road, and makes for a perfect cruiser. All of it at a price that undercuts the most expensive bike here by almost 30 lakhs.

Now the headline figures. It weighs 334 kilos (dry), has a 32-degree rake, and its tank can hold 24 liters of fuel. Brakes are fitted with ABS and it’s got a 5-speed gearbox doing the transmission duties. But none of that interests you, does it? Well, here’s the interesting part. The in-line 3-cylinder, 2,294 cc engine makes 148 PS and 221 Nm of torque — that’s the largest here. Triumph claims that if you keep your speed at about 90 kmph (which is close to the legal highway limits), the Rocket III can return 19 kmpl. From a 2.3 liter engine? Impressive, to say the least.

Note: All prices are ex-showroom