Continued: Legendary cars that refuse to die

Mitsubishi Lancer

Big Daddy Customs' Mitsubishi Lancer 1

The Lancer will always remain as a legendary car in the hearts of car lovers. Even though the Lancer did not survive a long life in India, the cars that were sold in India are still found in many garages. The powerful Lancer or its versions in form of Cedia or Invex can still be seen often on the roads.

Mostly, the Lancer was bought by car enthusiasts in their time and now the cars are passed on to next generation. It looks great, it has great capabilities and it offers amazing modification possibilities. The Lancer is one of the few cars from past era that can be seen in a great condition on Indian roads.

Ford Fusion


The Ford Fusion can be termed as India’s first ever crossover. The Fusion came to India at a very early stage. The car had dimensions of a hatchback yet it offered good ground clearance and stance was like SUV. The Fusion was well built and was powered by a 1.6-litre powerful petrol engine.

The Fusion is a common sight on the Indian roads. Even though the majority of Indian customers ignored the car, it was a very practical car in its time and was bought was many. The Fusion did not become popular but the small number of cars that were sold in India are still working fine and can be seen on the roads.

Sonata Gold

Hyundai Sonata Gold

The premium car from Hyundai was sold in India between 2001 and 2005. The luxurious car was loved by many because of its design that mimicked the design language of Mercedes-Benz. The luxury sedan was powered by 2.0-litre 4-cylinder and 2.7-litre V6 petrol engines.

The 166 BHP V6 engine was the most powerful in the D-Segment but returned a very low fuel efficiency of around 6 km/l. Only a few people bought the car. The Sonata Gold is still a sight to watch on the road and can be seen even now, 11 years after the car was discontinued.

Premier Padmini

remier Padmini Dual Tone

The Premier Padmini is a rebadged Fiat 1100D that Premier Automobile Limited (PAL) manufactured in India. The Premier Padmini enjoys a cult status in India because the car can still put modern cars to shame when it comes to looks. The Premier Padmini not only looked good but also had a powerful engine and handled very well.

Owners of the Premier Padmini still keep the car with  themselves after knowing the value of the car in the current market. The car is now sold at premium prices because of its vintage looks and value. Also, there are many Premier Padminis that still serve on the roads and echoes the saying “Old is gold”.

Maruti Esteem


The Maruti Esteem was the first the first sedan offered by Maruti Suzuki in India. The sedan quickly became the status symbol of the rich families. The demand of Esteem went through the roof and Maruti had to introduce lottery system to draw the names of the buyers.

The car was discontinued in 2009 January and yet, there are many people who do not feel the need of an upgrade from the Esteem. The car can be caught on roads doing daily chores without a sweat. The Esteem is one true legendary car of India.