Moving to the not so good ones:



While designs is surely a personal thing, the Archer pickup based on the Thar could have done with a more pleasing styling. The idea of a Thar-based pickup is interesting, but the Archer doesn’t look great.


Under the bonnet is the 2.5-liter CRDe engine but it makes more power thanks to a tuning box and a performance exhaust, while the suspension is also said to be tuned for better ride and handling.



Owning a Hummer isn’t an easy task in India — it’s huge so driving is going to be an issue — but it sure is an attention grabber. Now to own one you have to have deep pockets. Or you could just get one Thar and make it look like the Hummer.


Again the problem here is that this particular example manages to look bad. So much so that you might want to give up on the idea of owing a Thar, or a Hummer for that matter.

Azad’s Thar


Azad 4×4 has been making custom body-kits and doing mod-jobs for the Mahindra Thar, but there’s something here that somehow makes it the ‘Bad’ section in the list. The custom example didn’t have much to offer apart from the multiple LED lights, wider tyres and alloys, a custom bumper up front, etc. But what the hell happened to the exhaust! Sad to say that’s as hideous as it can get!

And the ugly:

GS Customs’ Transformer


GS Customs has found a way to make its custom Thars stand out. Sadly the work involves an overly loud appearance. Now if that floats your boat, then of course, you have the best custom ‘gedi’ Thar in the country.


The first one here has a Transformers’ grille, ridiculously wide bodywork, and tyres so wide that they might require another engine to lug the weight of the tyres alone.

GS Customs’ Tank


If you thought the Mahindra TUV300 was inspired by a battle tank, you certainly need to see this. The custom Thar comes with an additional roll cage, front-end styling that only a mother could like, and big tyres. To up its ‘gedi’ quotient, it comes with a sunroof, LEDs hidden in what would have been a bonnet scoop, and sports seats inside. The last word in road presence? Maybe, until the RTO catches you, that is.


And that faux machine gun isn’t going to save anyone, even when zombies take over the world.

DC’s Thar


DC Design, the creators of the Avanti sportscar and some of the most oddball designs to have graced the custom car scene. The custom Thar is not very different. The looks might be polarising — we’re yet to find someone who’d call this beautiful, still — but it manages to stand out from the crown.


As long as you’re running wide tyres and alloys, because as Motoroids correctly pointed out, the vehicle with stock tyres and wheels looks under tyred, and of course, terrible.

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