Continued: Morons that you must avoid on Indian roads

And here are a few more examples, but of those outside the city limits.

Lack of lane discipline


The biggest issue with a lot of Indian highway users is that they just don’t seem to have any idea about lanes. So there are people who just don’t understand the concept of fast lanes (rightmost lanes on highways). And then there those who don’t understand that you are required between the two white lines — that’s what a lane is.

These fools of the highest order make using Indian highways hugely dangerous if you’re carrying a decent amount of speed. Because for them, it’s like a walk in the park. Not figuratively, of course. They can jump lanes without indicating, drive in the middle of the lane, or even just chuck the whole notion of sensible driving, and drive on the wrong side, as mentioned earlier.

Slow car in fast lane

As mentioned in the point above the rightmost lane on highways is the fast lane. And if you aren’t fast, just move aside, please, will you? (Fast means the speed limit and not anything beyond that!)

By not doing so, the slow ones in the fast lane block the smooth running of traffic, and of course, can be dangerous. Imagine you’re doing 80 kmph and all of a sudden there’s this idiot trying to do 30 kmph!

Excessive love for hazard lamps

When it strikes, the road may look somewhat like this to you...

Warning lamps should be used when you want to warn fellow users if you’re blocking their way — you’re stopped and they’re not, due to a possible breakdown etc. But if someone uses hazards while passing through tunnels or driving in rain, it’s more harm than good.

The use of hazards sends a wrong message that they’re stopped when they are not. Don’t be that ambiguous!

Downhill downers

Ford Figo interior automatic

Going downhill requires the controlled use of brakes and engine-braking. If someone decides to switch off the engine, that is certainly going to be one of the most foolish things you can do in a car today. With the engine not being used — being in neutral is foolish, too — you rely solely on brakes. And with reduced braking power, you’re likely to overuse and damage them. The risk of missing a turn and overshooting is always there, but think if an oncoming car (going uphill) comes, your limited control can result in a head-on!

And of course,

Mobile phone users

Mobile phone user

People operating their phones while driving aren’t just threats to the society but also the mankind. While their concentration is limited (thanks to the ongoing messaging/phone-call conversation), don’t expect them to have their lightning quick reflexes in place. With their eyes on the screen, they are as good as blindfolded. Stay away from them!

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