Continued: Never make these modifications to your daily drive car

Massive wheels

tractor tire rigged car caught by indian traffic police

The larger the wheels, the larger becomes your turning radius which means it will be tough to navigate through tight city streets. Also, larger wheels will result in drop in fuel economy of the vehicle. So if it is a daily car, it could put a larger hole in your pocket.

Lift kit on suvs


Having a suspension lift kit and other off-road accessories are great if you are into hard core off-roading. But adding them to your daily drive is not advisable. It increases the body roll and will make getting in and out more tough. This makes the vehicle a lot more bouncy as well on normal roads.

Bull guards that affect airbag deployment


People put bull guards on their cars to protect the car in case of an accident. But, in the event of a crash, they do not let the car’s safety system do its job. The car is designed to crumple in the event of a crash and save the occupant. A bull guard on the other hand protects the car from crumpling which means that the forces will be transferred into the passenger cabin. This will injure you. Also, in some cases, the airbags will not deploy if the vehicle has a bull guard.

Full body modifications/ Structural changes


Changing the body structure of the car (making it shorted/longer) is something we don’t recommend at all. Not only are they illegal, they are also unsafe. A car has all its structural members designed to perform a particular job and absorb particular forces. Changing that will certainly change the way the car reacts in case of a crash. Your vehicle could also be seized if there is structural change.

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