Continued: Revolutionary bikes of India

Harley Davidson Street 750

Why: First made-in-India “BIG” bike

Continued: Revolutionary bikes of India

Street 750 is the cheapest Harley Davidson available in India. It also became the first made-in-India Harley Davidson. The all-new Revolution engine became the first ever Harley engine to feature liquid-cooling and was introduced with this motorcycle. Street 750 is also the first ever Harley Davidson to be manufactured outside USA factory. It also completed a lot of childhood dreams of owning a Harley with its sub 5-lakh rupee price tag.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird

Why: First affordable long distance tourer

Continued: Revolutionary bikes of India
The Thunderbird undoubtedly is the first Lifestyle Cruiser motorcycle in India. The ape-hanger handlebar made the rider relaxed and made it very popular among long distance motorcycle tourers. First introduced in 2000, the Thunderbird has gone through very minute changes since then.

Bajaj Pulsar

Why: For being the first homegrown cult brand

Continued: Revolutionary bikes of India
The Pulsar brand is a sole responsible product that created the havoc of performance motorcycles in India. With the catchy “Definitely Male” tagline, the Pulsar became the first homegrown product that offered performance with mileage and affordability. The Pulsar brand has exploded with time and now offers choices in a wide range of segments.

Piaggio Vespa

Why: For kickstarting India’s lifestyle scooter segment

Continued: Revolutionary bikes of India
The Vespa became India’s first lifestyle gearless scooter. The retro looking scooter with modern age engine and equipment makes it a very high-class product. Even with a price tag of average Indian motorcycle, Vespa has done very well in the Indian market in terms of number in India.

TVS Apache RTR 180

Why: For being the first bike to introduce ABS

Continued: Revolutionary bikes of India
India is not a very safety conscious market but TVS took the issue seriously to launch the first motorcycle with ABS in India. Following the introduction of ABS in motorcycles by TVS, many other manufacturers followed the way and currently there are many motorcycles available with this must-have safety technology in India.