The ones you should avoid:

New paint schemes

We say: Next!


Well, exclusivity is one thing, but sadly most limited edition paint schemes aren’t exactly tasteful. And dear carmaker, if you feel that the paint scheme/added equipment is better than before, then you might as well make it the regular version. Because if your regular car isn’t special enough, why would anyone consider the special version anyway?

Anniversary Editions


We say: Why?


Why indeed! Neither the branded car cushions (most useless things one could put in a car), nor floor mats with ‘anniversary’ written on them are useful for the customer. So unless there’s something substantial being offered, just cut the chase, and continue with the regular versions instead. Also, most of the anniversary graphics are hideous.

Festive Season ‘Specials’

Maruti Alto 800 Onam Edition

We say? Not special


It’s true that our car-buying happens during the festive season, but if I have an ‘Onam’ special edition/‘Diwali’ special edition/‘Eid’ special edition etc., I just might feel out of place on the remaining 364 days of the year.

So the bottomline is that if you don’t actually get something really useful and worth your money extra (maybe), just skip the special editions. Unless there’s a larger engine, a longer feature list, or maybe actually special limited editions, that is.

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