Continued: Ten beautifully modified everyday cars – Part II

Datsun Go

datsun go

The Datsun Go never really excited the market. It wasn’t great to look at & its USP was the massive amount of room it had to offer. Not a car an enthusiast would choose right? Wrong. This owner here shows us that even the boring Datsun Go can be made to look ravishing. The car has received a custom red paint job & projector head lamps. The car has a lowered suspension & to give it a good stance, wide tyres have been put on. Because of the bigger tyres, there is an additional element added to the fender. The bonnet now gets the racing styled levers. Under the hood, there is a custom air intake & a custom exhaust system.

Nissan Micra


The Micra is also one of those hatchbacks that you will never associate with sporty, just as the Datsun Go. This one has been transformed by Motormind & now looks very sporty. The front end gets a new custom designed bumper with a unique circular cut out DRLs. The bonnet gets air scoops. The wheel arches have been extended to give it a wide body look. The rims have obviously been upgraded to larger ones.

micra 2

The rear bumper is a custom one with an integrated diffuser & a F1 styled rear light that blinks. The whole car has been given a custom red paint job to make it stand out more.

HM Contessa


The Contessa has always been one of the only muscle car contenders in India. The large bonnet & the boxy design is exactly what is needed for a good muscle car. There are many Contessas out there that have been modified to look like a muscle car. This one is no different, however we feel that it the conversion has been done very well & the finished product looks very intimidating. The overall body style remains the same. What has changed is the front end. The bumper, grill & head lamp cluster have been replaced with something more American muscle car like. The car has been done up very well in our opinion.

Mahindra Scorpio


The Scorpio is India’s much loved SUV. So much is the love for the car that there are many modified examples roaming around the country. This one in particular is one of the better done up ones. So the Scorpio gets a revised front end. There is a body kit that has been integrated into the bumper & there are now LEDs placed on the bumper. The headlamps are now replaced with a new cluster having projectors & LEDs. The grill is now bigger. There is a snorkel to improve the water wading capability. As is with all the cars, larger wheels are a must, especially on a SUV and this one doesn’t disappoint on that front, giving it an aggressive look.

Maruti SS80

maruti ss80

The Maruti SS80 started the hatchback revolution in India. When it was launched, it had a large waiting period & people began paying a premium just to get their car. 30 years down the line, only a few examples remain in running condition. This owner here has given his car a new lease of life and it certainly looks stunning. The car gets a new colour. The frond end has been redesigned. The bumper has gone and the grill has been blackened out. The squarish headlamps have been replaced by a circular unit which resembles that on the Golf. Overall a very tastefully done job.

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