Continued: Ten mistakes genuine car guys NEVER make

Improper lane driving



Not following the correct lane is something that leads to irritation and on the highway, it can also lead to a lot of accidents. On a 6 or 8 lane highway, the right most lane is the overtaking lane, only to be used while overtaking the car in front. If you plan on cruising, you should be doing so on the other lanes depending upon your speed. If you are in the fast lane and see a car coming at you, you should give way and not block him.

Improper parking

improper parking

Parking a car properly is something that is not taught to most Indian drivers. All they are told is that if your car fits in, you are good to go. However, that’s not it. Parking should be done in such a way that you as well as the guy in the car next to yours is able to open the door to get in. Also, people should be mindful while opening their doors so as to not hit other cars. Yes hitting another car will only result in chipping the paint of your door edge, however it could lead to dents on the other car. A true enthusiast will always be careful about parking in the lines to ensure that his car doesn’t get damaged. Only if all people were like this.

Drive downhill on neutral


In a bid to save fuel, people coast downhill on neutral. This is a very unsafe thing to do. When you are driving, the two ways to stay in control are to brake or accelerate depending upon the situation at hand. Coasting in neutral makes you loose the acceleration part of it. Also, when coming down hill, a lot of energy goes into the brakes. If you drive your car in gear, engine braking can be used to reduce speed & reduce load on the brakes. However if you are in neutral, you will tend to use the brakes more to slow the car down, thus causing it to heat.

Lug the cars engine


People have a wrong perception that shifting into a higher gear as early as possible will result in better fuel economy. It isn’t true. There is a particular engine rpm that has to be maintained to get the best efficiency. Driving below that rpm will only result in additional load on the engine. Doing that will reduce fuel efficiency and also increase wear & tear on the engine.

Never skip service


Like you shouldn’t skip a doctors appointment, the same way a car guy will never miss out on the cars service interval. The intervals are there for a reason. Car manufacturers do rigorous testing on their vehicles to come up with these service schedules to keep the cars health in top shape. Missing an interval is something one must avoid at all costs. There is a reason why manufacturers mention both duration as well kms ( 1 year or 10000 kms for ex). This is because parts have an expiry date, even if the car isn’t being used. So if you have a car which you haven’t much used in a year, it still means you will have to get the oil changed.

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