Ten things that make you a CERTIFIED car nut

Continued: Ten things that make you a CERTIFIED car nut

Always admires his car



As cliche as this might sound, it is true. A car guy will always look back at his car to admire it after he has parked it. Not only that, some are so obsessed that they even try parking in such a spot such that they can always have an eye on their car at all times. To normal people this may sound like bull sh*t, but a true car guy will always understand the bond between him & his machine. To him, the car is more than a machine.

Preventive maintenance


Parts on a car are meant to be changed within the stipulated time period mentioned in the service schedule. But if you’re a car nut, chances are that you will end up getting stuff changed before time to ensure that the car remains in perfect health. Be it the fluids or other parts, you would always be extra cautious to make sure that your car is always in the best possible shape. As they say, ‘Prevention is always better than cure’. As an enthusiast, you understand the wear & tear that goes on based on your driving style & hence opt for a preventive schedule that suits your driving style.

Always say no to stupid modifications

stupid mods

As a car guy, you would never do anything that would reduce the cars performance instead of improving it. Every modification is done after hours & hours of research to ensure that it will do good to the car. Putting on badly designed body kits, exhausts that cause more back pressure or doing anything unnecessarily is something a true car nut won’t do.

Never Abuse their car


A car guy will use his car to the hilt & enjoy it as much as he can, but will never ABUSE the car. He will love to put on a show, but will never do so at the cost of harming the car. So over revving the car in a crowd to gain attention is a complete no no. There is a fine line between using the car to its limits & abusing the car.

Dislike mass market hybrid & electric cars

electic car

Though we appreciate that hybrids are eco-friendly and will be the car of the future, but all mass market hybrids & electric cars aren’t fun enough. Yes we aren’t talking about the Tesla’s or any of the hyper cars here. A mass market hybrid can never be as involving to drive or be as connected as a normal car. As an enthusiast, you enjoy the engine note while driving, that’s something missing on an electric/hybrid car & really takes away from the fun of driving.

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