Continued: Ten SOLID reasons to buy a Mahindra


Continued: Ten SOLID reasons to buy a Mahindra

Best example: Thar, Scorpio 4WD, Bolero 4×4

With a growth in the number of soft-roaders there’s an increasing dearth of proper AWD SUVs on sale. And that’s where Mahindra is the strongest. For both everyday rough road use and enthusiastic off-roading, there are products, namely the Scorpio 4WD, the Bolero 4×4, and the Thar.

Widest range of automatics

Continued: Ten SOLID reasons to buy a Mahindra

The company also offers a wide range of automatic gearbox equipped vehicles in its line-up: starting with the AMT units in the sub-compact SUVs likes the TUV300 and the Nuvosport, to the full-size SUVs like the Scorpio and the XUV500, both of which get conventional automatic gearboxes.

Pan India sales and service reach

With sales and service outlets spread across the length and breadth of the country, you can buy, run, and get a Mahindra serviced almost everywhere. Given the company’s presence in small towns and cities, it’s essential for them to have a widespread network. Having said that it must be noted that in terms of number of dealerships, the company is yet to match the competition.


If you’ve noticed Mahindra products have a fairly long product cycles, albeit with regular updates and small refreshes. That works well because not only are parts easily available for most vehicles, the mechanics (even independent ones) get familiar with the products, hence getting Mahindra serviced making even easier. As a result owning, running, and maintaining a Bolero or a Scorpio becomes trouble-free.

And finally,

Responsive to the market

Continued: Ten SOLID reasons to buy a Mahindra

Best example: 1.99-liter mHawk

Mahindra might as well be the most dynamic company present in the Indian market today. For instance, the Quanto was one of the first compact SUVs to reach the market. Moving forward the KUV100 entered at the right time when the market’s preference for crossovers became apparent. But topping all of it was the company’s downsized 1.99-liter mHawk diesel engine. The said unit ensure that Mahindra products (with the said engine) can be sold in Delhi NCR where there’s a ban on sale and registration of vehicles with diesel engines of capacity larger than 2 liters.