Ten tips to not get STUCK off-road

Continued: Ten tips to not get STUCK off-road

constant momentum

Drive as slow as possible & keep the momentum going. Keep the car in the lowest possible gear and choose the best possible path. If you have an automatic transmission, choose the lowest possible gear (varies from car to car).


Please keep recovery equipment with you while you are going off-road. Shovels, tow-ropes & nylon mats will be helpful when you get stuck.

Try getting contacts of recovery vehicles (tractors) available nearby before hand so that it can come in handy if you get stuck.

no ego

If you reach a point where you doubt your car’s capability, turn around and go back. If it is you against nature, chances are that nature may out do you. Please behave sensibly.

no trespass

While off-roading, you may encounter restricted areas. Do not barge into some one’s field or personal property. Ensure that you are only driving on a public area & not someone’s private property.

normal mode

Once you are done with your off-roading session, remember to switch your car back into normal road mode. If there is a 2wd option, you may go back to that. If your car has a part time 4wd system, your transmssion will bind if you drive in 4wd mode. If your car has permanent 4wd system, then just go back to the normal road mode.