Continued: These 2WD Motorcycles from around the world are perfect for India


Taurus 2WD


The Russian based manufacturer Taurus took the inspiration from Rokon and created this 2X2 motorcycle, which is much cheaper and can be folded and stacked nicely in a car too. The 2WD bike is very lightweight and can be lifted by a single-person if it gets stuck somewhere. The motorcycle comes in two variants weighting just 47 kg and 74 kg for the more capable variant.

There are no suspensions in the motorcycle and all the shock absorbing work is done by the huge hollow tyres that car filled with only 3 psi of maximum pressure. The higher variant of the motorcycle is powered by the engine of Honda GX210, while the lower variant gets the engine of a chainsaw. The motorcycle costs just Rs. 60,000 in Russia and the company plans to export the 2WD motorcycle to different countries.

Yamaha PES2


The electric concept from Yamaha gets some advanced technology to drive both the wheels. The working model of PES2 was showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. The motorcycle gets lithium ion batteries that drive the electric motors that are mounted on the hub of the front wheel and the rear wheel. The street focussed motorcycle does not have to deal with extra weight of shaft or complex chain system as the brushless motor is fitted directly inside the hub of the wheel.

Suzuki XF5


Another Suzuki motorcycle from the 80s when Suzuki was trying to push the 2WD technology in the real world. From the many concept models showcased at the time, the XF5 was the most convincing one and closest to survive the real world conditions. The XF5 was one complicated design though.

The motorcycle used 200cc, two-stroke engine that transferred power to a chain, which was then connected to a final driving shaft that was replaced one of the telescopic fork. There was no extra shaft popping out of the motorcycle but the number of steps involved to make it look like this were just too many.



United States based firm, Christini offers conversion units that can change any motorcycle to 2WD. The firm also build motorcycles on their own. The company uses a second chain drive for the front wheel that drives the transfer case situated above the engine. The transfer case provides power to the telescopic shaft that run alongside the front fork and provides power to the front wheel. The firm mainly focuses on off-road motorcycles but they have also made road going racing motorcycles in the past.

KTM 2WD dirt bike


KTM came out with a concept in 2004 where the company showcased hybrid 2WD dirt motorcycle that offers way better off-road capabilities than the regular dirt bikes. The motorcycle uses a hydraulic pump that is driven by the transmission to transfer power from the engine to the front hub mounted motor. The use of hydraulic system enabled KTM to use flexible hose that also allowed the use of regular suspensions. KTM also holds the patent of a hybrid motorcycle that is powered by an electric motor at the front wheel and gets conventional power for the rear engine.