Continued: Unusual but ‘very useful and affordable’ car accessories

LED sign boards

Price: Rs 4,000-7,000

led board

This is more a fun sort of accessory. If you are driving in a group of known people and want to send signs to the other car, you could use these LED sign boards. They plug into the cigarette lighter socket and the text displayed on it is programmable. A fun accessory, as long as people don’t go overboard with it.

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For those who love to cook

Price: Rs 6,561


If you are on a road trip and you aren’t getting the food of your choice, why not cook your own food? This car cooker allows you to plug the cooker into the cars 12V socket and lets you cook whatever you want. There are electric kettles available as well that can be used in the same way. This could be helpful to those who are fussy eaters.

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Mobile HUD

Price: Rs 2,500


Don’t have a BMW Msport or a high end car? Don’t worry, your car can also be made to have a HUD. All you need to do is connect your phone and this will double up as a screen to it. You won’t have to get distracted by looking down or elsewhere. All your navigation details are transmitted directly in front of you which is a really nice thing to have.

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Anti Glare

Price: Rs 199

anit glare

Since we live in a country where most people drive on high beam all the time, an anti glare mirror is very useful. However currently, we only get them for the rearview mirrors. What if you are driving on an undivided road and the car coming at you has their high beam on? Since there is no solution to that, there is this accessory that is placed in your visor and has a relfective screen that prevent the high beam glare from hitting your eyes. This one is a must have according to us.

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Laser lamps

Price: Rs 222

led laser

This accessory is helpful in conditions where visibility is low. Your brake lights double up as a laser light to tell the driver behind the safe distance he should be maintaining so as to not crash into you incase of a panic brake. Given that most people in India tail gate, this could be a little helpful.

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