Want a great resale value? Avoid these mods

Continued: Want a great resale value? Avoid these mods

Performance mods


Any changes under the hood, be it intakes, exhausts or remaps won’t increase the resale of your car. It gives the indication to the buyer that the car has been abused by the user. If you think you can attract enthusiasts, keep in mind that they come in very few. Also if an enthusiast is choosing a car, chances are he is going to plan his own mods on it which may not be in line with what you have done.



Upgrading the ICE (In Car Entertainment) in the car may sound like a good idea, but it’s not going to bump up the price of car when it is time to sell. Putting in a better audio system will increase the load on the car and will cause issues to the battery and other electronics in the long run.

Suspension upgrade


If you are planning on lowering your car or opting for a suspension that would offer a stiffer setup, keep in mind that it will surely reduce your resale value. Not only is a hardly sprung car a pain to drive on our roads, it also makes the interior trims rattle which can get very irritating.

Maruti Gypsy Escapade

Lifted cars too don’t work as they could have stability issues.

All buyers have different point of views and varied taste. What goes down well with you mayn’t go down well with the others. In case you do decide to upgrade any of the above, keep the original parts which can be put back on the car before selling it.

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