Want great resale value? Buy one of these 20 cars & SUVs

Continued: Want great resale value? Buy one of these 20 cars & SUVs

Maruti Alto

78% value retention after 3 years

alto 1

The Alto is the most selling car in the country. There is nothing that is even able to come close to it. It has widespread appeal throughout the country. Due to the brand name the car has created, people opt for one blindly. The Alto is popular as it is cheap to buy and maintain, easy to repair and since Maruti has a lot of service stations, people from all across the country can buy one without worrying about service. That is why it will fetch upto 78 % value.

Hyundai Santro

77% value retention after 3 years

santro 1

Even though the Santo has been discontinued, the ‘Sun Shine’ car still manages to grab 77% of its original value. The Santro was known to be nice to drive, easy to maintain and spacious on the inside. That is the main reason why the car is so popular.

Hyundai i10

76% value retention after 3 years


The replacement for the Santro, the i10 also features on this list for the same reasons. The plus point on the i10 is that the company equipped it with a lot of features which made it very VFM. It had more powerful engines on offer as well which meant the car was peppy to drive. This is the main reason why it can fetch 76% value.

Renault Duster

76% value retention after 3 years

Duster 22

The Duster was the first successful product from Renault India. People loved the macho looks, the solid suspension and the practicality that the Duster offered. This is the main reason why the car retains upto 76% of its value after 3 years.

Honda City

75% value retention after 3 years

city 8

It is surprising to see that Honda has been beaten by Hyundai in this segment. The City has been an aspirational brand for many. Since for a long time, it was the only car in its segment, it became very famous. Thus a 3 year old City can fetch you upto 75% value.

Hyundai i20

73% value retention after 3 years

i20 1

The i20 is very popular. It looked good, had a lot of features and drove well also. The diesel 1.4 liter was really quick and was one of the most powerful at one point in time. It is due to these reasons that the i20 manages to get 73% of its value which is not bad.

Mahindra Scorpio

72% value retention after 3 years

Mahindra Scorpio Modred 2

The Scorpio is one of India’s much loved SUVs. When it was launched back in 2002, it took the fight to the Safari pretty well. It offered space, features, different engine and transmission options. Also, political leaders like this one a lot due to its robustness and road presence. It is due to these factors that the Scorpio can get you 72% of its value.

Mahindra Xylo

72% value retention after 3 years

20121206045340_XYLO E9 1

The Xylo is a spacious MPV. It tried to take on the Innova and failed. The reason why it failed was that it wasn’t as luxurious as the Innova. It had good amount of space and decent firepower as well, but no where near as plush as the Innova. But it can still manage 72%.

Maruti Ritz

72% value retention after 3 years

ritz 12

The Ritz has been a practical offering from the company. It had the same engine options as that on the Swift but offered a lot more interms of space on the inside. Those who wanted a practical alternative to the Swift opted for the Ritz. Thus it manages to keep upto 72% value.

Hyundai Eon

68% value retention after 3 years

eon 1

The Eon is the only other entry level vehicle to make it to this list. When the Eon was launched, it was offered a more premium and luxurious offering to the Alto. It was thus priced higher. It has decent space, looks funky and offers good performance also. It thus manages to retain 68% value.