Continued:Tastefully modified Volkswagen Polos of India

Continued:Tastefully modified Volkswagen Polos of India

Polo R Cup car


VW entered the one make racing series with the Polo R Cup car. This one has been completely stripped out, has a roll cage with sports seats and racing harness.


On the outside you have a lowered stance with a wider body kit and a large rear spoiler to increase downforce.

Polo with dual LED headlamps

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This white Polo GT Tsi is also running a remap and a custom exhaust. On the looks part we have the GTI grill and the new LED headlamps.

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On the inside there is a new GTi steering wheel with paddle shifters.

Polo Enhancement kit

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This Polo features a new front lip spoiler and has been lowered. Also on offer is a GTI grill and a new rear spoiler.

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