How to use cruise control in Creta, Verna, Venue & Elantra: Hyundai explains [Video]

Hyundai is currently India’s second largest car manufacturer after Maruti Suzuki. Hyundai has been in the country for a while and gradually became popular among Indians because of the variety of models in their line up, service network and features. Most Hyundai cars are feature loaded which is something that we Indians love. One of the common feature that most of the modern day cars today have is cruise control. What is cruise control? How does it work?. here we have an official video from Hyundai India that shows how to operate cruise control in Hyundai cars.

Cruise control is available Hyundai models like Verna, Venue, Creta, Elantra, Tucson and even Hyundai Kona electric SUV gets this feature. The cruise control feature can be enabled in a car using switches on the steering wheel. It allows the driver to set a certain speed and maintain that speed without giving throttle inputs. There are two types of cruise controls available in Hyundai cars – One with ‘Cruise’ and ‘Cancel’ written on the buttons and the other with symbols designated instead of text.

The cruise control system is developed in a way that it would only be activated if the car is doing speeds above 30 kmph. Without depressing the accelerator pedal, driver should press the cruise control button on the steering wheel which will turn the system on. A light or notification for cruise control will pop on the instrument cluster as soon as the driver presses the button.

How to use cruise control in Creta, Verna, Venue & Elantra: Hyundai explains [Video]

Then take the car to the desired speed and then press the ‘Set’ button and another notification will pop on the screen simultaneously. Now the cruise control has been engaged and the car will maintain the speed without any throttle inputs. The driver can adjust the speed of the car pushing the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ lever and releasing them immediately. Every time the driver pushes the button the car will either increase of decrease 2 kmph.

How do you disengage or cancel cruise control?. It can be done by pressing the clutch or brake pedal and press the cancel button on the steering wheel. The driver can always resume to the preset speed by pushing ‘Reset’ button on the steering.  Cruise control is a feature that is meant for highways and is not advisable to use in city limits. It can greatly enhance driving comfort and reduce fatigue on the highways but those using it must always stay alert to take back manual control if and when required.