Cop assaults cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wife after her BMW X1 SUV hit cop’s Bajaj Pulsar

Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wife, Reeva Solanki, was allegedly assaulted by a cop in a road rage incident. The alleged incident happened at about 5:30 pm yesterday at Jamnagar, when Ms. Solanki was in her BMW X1 luxury SUV. Her SUV is said to have accidentally collided against the Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle of the accused cop. It’s said that the cop was coming from the wrong side of the road.

Cop assaults cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wife after her BMW X1 SUV hit cop’s Bajaj Pulsar

Even as Ms. Solanki tried to inquire whether the cop was alright, the enraged cop is said to have pulled her out of the SUV. It’s alleged that the cop then proceeded to assault Ms. Solanki, until passersby intervened and managed to separate the duo.

Pradeep Sejul, the Superintendent of Police, Jamnagar, said,

Yes, cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wife was attacked by a policeman. Sanjay Kurangiya, a police constable with Jamnagar police was coming out of the headquarters, whose gate opens on the road side. Reeva was in her four-wheeler. They had a little altercation, after which the policeman physically attacked Reeva. She suffered small bruises. Nothing serious. So she registered a police complaint. The policeman was arrested on the spot.

An eye-witness Vijaysinh Chavda adds,

The policeman mercilessly thrashed Reeva and even pulled her hair during an altercation. We saved her from his clutches. 

How to avoid a road rage incident?

Tempers can run high after an accident with another vehicle. It’s advisable that you just drive away, and claim insurance for the damaged vehicle rather than getting into an argument with the owner of the other vehicle involved. People can behave unpredictably, often with dangerous consequences, especially under pressure.

This is another reason why it’s better to drive away from a crash if you can, rather than pressing for compensation. In this particular case, it seems that the cop completely lost his cool and got extremely violent, in the process assaulting a woman.

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