Cop bashes up bikers for stunting on public roads [Video]

Bike stunting on public roads is a major nuisance in India. There have been incidents in the past where the cops arrested such miscreants doing bike stunts on the road. A video from a recent incident in Rajkot, Gujarat shows cops taking out their anger on the stunt riders.

What is happening here?

The video shows a group of youngsters performing stunts on the public roads. There a big crowd surrounding the performers who are neither wearing a helmet or any other safety gears. The stunt riders themselves seem to be new to be stunting and finding it difficult to control their bikes. Soon, a civil policeman arrives with a traffic police and starts beating the riders with his stick.

It looks like that two cops in plain civilian clothes were already present at the spot and they hold one of the stunt riders while the other cops bash him badly. The video initially shows quite a few riders but they all disappear, probably after seeing the cops on the spot. It is not known if the riders were charged with any offence or were just given a warning on the spot.

Cop bashes up bikers for stunting on public roads [Video]

The crackdown against the stunt riders on the public roads has increased in the recent past. Cops nowadays do surprise checks to nab the culprits on the road. Cops from Kerala and Karnataka have also done similar crackdown to bring such activities under control. It is illegal to do stunt riding in public as it can be dangerous to the other motorists.

Stunt riding on public roads can go wrong in many different ways. Stunt riding is highly unpredictable and the rider can lose balance and hit other vehicles on the road. Stunting also diverts the attention of the other road users and cause severe accidents. It is even illegal to drive zig-zag on the public roads and change lanes frequently.

You can be penalised for dangerous driving or riding and putting other’s lives in danger. Even though the police can arrest you or seize the vehicle, they cannot beat you. What the policeman did was illegal but cops in India resort to different ways to make the public understand the traffic rules. In the past, we have also seen cops folding their hands and requesting in front of the culprits to follow traffic rules.

Stunt riding in India

Stunt riding is becoming popular in India but there are not many professional training centres or trainers who can teach the stunt riding in a safer way. However, it is always advised that any such stunt riding should be done in an enclosed area and not on public roads.

It is also very important to wear safety gears, especially the helmet, knee guards and the elbow guards. Stunt riding is highly susceptible to the falls and one should be prepared to avoid any such injuries while practising. Stunt riding should be done under the guidance of a professional rider and not on the streets with the crowd surrounding you.

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