Cop begs repeat offender: Story behind the viral photo

A picture of a police officer standing with his hands folded and head bowed down in front of a family of five riding a motorcycle has gone viral. The moment was shared by Abhishek Goyal, Deputy Commissioner of Police – Traffic East, Bengaluru. The incident took place in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur district.

What exactly happened?

Cop begs repeat offender: Story behind the viral photo

The picture shows the Circle Inspector B Shubh Kumar of Anantapur’s Madakasira Circle pleading with closed arms in front of the family. According to the cops, he is a repeat offender and has been warned and have been issued challan multiple times for the same reason.

After getting fed-up from the repeated offence, the cop finally started pleading him to be safe on the road. There were five riders on the bike including two ladies who are sitting in the “Indian” way by keeping legs on the same side. There are two kids who are sitting in the front of the rider too.

The tweet says, “What else can he do? We always have a choice. Choose the safe one”. The tweet has gone viral and has been shared more than a few thousand times. No further report about the family has surfaced since then.

Overloading and riding

Two wheelers are designed for two people and it is important to stick to it. Overloading can cause the two-wheeler to lose balance and fall down. Overloading can also cause tyre bursts. Overloading also increases the braking distance of the bike. It causes extra wear and tear and brings down the life of the vehicle.

Making someone sit or stand in front of the rider can block the view or can cause obstruction while taking a turn. The person standing in front can cause unwanted movement of the handle and can cause accidents.

Overloading of two-wheelers was one of the main reasons of the inception of the Tata Nano in India. However, the car did not gather much attention and people have kept following their ways of dangerous riding.