Cop busts Suzuki Hayabusa rider & says loud exhaust will give people heart attack: Takes same bike for a spin

Loud exhausts on motorcycles is a common sight in India. After the police and the authorities ran special operations to crack down motorcycles with such loud exhausts across India, there are still many who have illegal loud exhausts installed on the motorcycles. Since the cops from most parts of India do not use any scientific devices like a decibel meter to measure the exhaust sound, the cops rely on their ears to hear and stop a loud motorcycle.

Here is one such video from Kolkata. The video by Downtown_Motovlogs shows him riding around the town when traffic officials wave him down to stop. The traffic police officers ask the rider a few questions including where is he coming from and where is he going.

The traffic police then ask him about the loud exhaust. Since the police personnel could not figure out if the exhaust is within the legal limit. However, he gives advice to the rider that he should not ride motorcycles with such high exhaust notes as it could give a heart attack to people around. He even says that such loud exhausts startle people on the roads.

The cop then asks for the documents of the motorcycle to prove his ownership. The owner of the Suzuki Hayabusa shows all the legal documents available with him including the registration, insurance and driving license. However, he did not have a pollution certificate for which, the police officer said that he should get it done as soon as possible as it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without pollution under control certificate.

The police ask for a ride

Cop busts Suzuki Hayabusa rider & says loud exhaust will give people heart attack: Takes same bike for a spin

After verifying all the documents, the police then starts to talk about the motorcycle and how powerful it is. He even talks to his colleagues and tells them that he will never be able to ride such motorcycles in his life.

Getting a hint of what the police officer wants, the owner of the Hayabusa himself offered the motorcycle to the personnel and asked him to take a short spin. The police officer quickly sat on the bike and took a short spin. He came back visibly happy and then asked more questions about the motorcycle.

The police officer did not issue a challan to the rider and let him go from the spot.

Not the first incident

In the past, such incidents where the cops ask for a ride on such high-performance motorcycles have happened. It is not only the cops of Kolkata but from traffic police from other states have asked for a test ride of high-end motorcycles including Ducati Diavel and more.