Cop & car owner catch Innova Crysta thief; Captured on live video

Imagine what it would be like to visit a friend in a different city, only to find that the car you drove to his place has been stolen. For thousands of car owners, this isn’t just a bad dream – it’s a living nightmare. Below is a video that tells us the story of a Toyota Innova Crysta owner whose MPV was stolen from the city of Surat. Luckily, however, the owner managed to recover his car within 18 hours of lodging the FIR. The video we have here shows the Crysta owner catching the car thief with the help of his friend and cops.

The person who uploaded this video says that his friend had travelled to Surat in his new Toyota Innova Crysta. Unfortunately, his car was stolen and the thief started calling him for money. It’s said that the thief found out the car owner’s number from the business card that he found in the vehicle. Probably, the thief found it better to extract money from the owner instead of taking the trouble of selling the stolen vehicle to an unsuspecting buyer.

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The owner was quick to get in touch with the Surat Police. Soon, the police found out that the culprit’s mobile was in Baroda. A team of three cops, the owner of the Crysta, and the uploader of the video immediately left for Baroda. This video shows the group of five driving down to Baroda. As can be seen in the video clip, they are able to quickly locate the car and stop near it. Next, the cops rush out of the vehicle and quickly manage to nab the thief. Finally, the thief was taken into custody by the police and transported back to the city of Surat.

The uploader of this video appreciates the Surat Police for their timely action. We are happy to know that the owner of this Toyota Innova Crysta managed to recover his vehicle within 18 hours of lodging the FIR.

Video Source – RP Automobiles Vlogs on Youtube