Cop demands bribe from bikers despite them having all documents, breaking no law [Video]

Bribes in Indian society is deeply embedded and there have been many instances when people have to bribe the government officials to get things done quicker. Well, even the cops from different states take a bribe to let the motorists go away without any official fines. It is quite common in India but how about paying a bribe when you have all the documents in place, were following the rules and were even wearing a helmet? Shocking? Yes, here is a video that shows a cop demanding a bribe from a group of bikers.

The video has been taken from a helmet-mounted camera and it does not seem that the cop in the frame knows that the camera is turned on and is recording. The cop can be seen checking the documents of the riders who are surrounding him. After the bikers show the papers and satisfy the cop, they started leaving the scene after saying thank you. However, the cop asks them to stop and enquires if they were wearing a helmet and then also talks about some other changes in the bike. After everything was found in place, the cop then counts the number of people. After he sees that there are five people in the group, he demands Rs 100 from them. He says something to the effect that since you’re five people in a group, Rs. 100 is not a big amount for you. After a little conversation, the bikers decide to hand over a Rs 100 note to the cop and move on. The entire conversation is in Tamil.

Well, even with all the documents in place and following the traffic rules, the group had to pay the bribe. However, small it is, the cop can be seen persuading the group of bikers for the fine. After contemplating about it a lot, the group pays the fine thinking that there is no way the cop will let them go from the spot without handing over the fine. Even though the cop was friendly with the group, this is downright illegal and is a way to harass the motorists. There are many commercial vehicle drivers who pay such bribes at the state borders to pass through without any problems.

Cop demands bribe from bikers despite them having all documents, breaking no law [Video]

Even though almost all the states and union territories across India implemented the new, amended MV Act on 1st September 2019. There are a few states who opposed the new hefty fines. The state government of these states said that since the fine amount has become higher, the cops can use it against the motorists to demand bribes. In fact, a sting operation by CNN-IBN revealed that even court administration is involved in taking fines and get the fine amount nullified in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

It should be noted that giving a bribe is also illegal and one should refrain from doing such acts. If a cop demands for a bribe, one should always ask for a receipt or register a complaint at a nearby police station.