Delhi cop extorts Rs. 5000 from Korean vlogger: Gets suspended after viral dashcam footage

The Delhi Police has suspended one of its traffic police personnel for accepting Rs 5,000 from a Korean vlogger without providing a receipt in return. The incident occurred more than a month ago and was captured on the dashboard camera of the Korean man. The video recently went viral, prompting the police to take action.

In the video, the Korean man is seen sitting in the driver’s seat of his car when he is signaled to stop by the traffic police. The reason for the stop was not clearly audible in the video, but it appeared to be related to crossing a solid line on the road. This type of incident is common in Lutyens Delhi, where there are no road dividers but there are solid lines in the middle of the road that drivers are not allowed to cross. It seems the Korean man inadvertently crossed this median line while overtaking another vehicle.

Delhi cop extorts Rs. 5000 from Korean vlogger: Gets suspended after viral dashcam footage

The police officer, identified as Mahesh Chand, can be heard telling the driver that he needs to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 in cash. The Korean man initially offers a Rs 500 note, misunderstanding the officer’s demand. However, he then empties his wallet to give the required amount to the policeman. After noticing the situation, the police officer returns Rs 500 to the man and accepts the rest of the money, thanking him and shaking his hand.

Following the incident, Delhi Police has taken immediate action by suspending Mahesh Chand and initiating an inquiry into the matter. The policeman explained that he intended to issue a receipt to the man but was unable to do so as the man left the spot before he could provide it.

Indian police are infamous for taking bribes

Taking bribes unfortunately remains a common practice among Indian cops, and many of us who have been stopped by the police have experienced this. Some officers may employ intimidating tactics, threatening hefty fines, only to later accept a small bribe in exchange for letting you go. Some time ago, a video went viral on the internet, capturing a group of police officers on the side of the road.

However, the video does not clearly identify the female cop or the motorists involved. The footage was recorded by someone standing nearby, capturing the moment when a police officer communicates something to the lady officer who was interacting with two women riding a scooter. The lady officer then gestures for one of the women to approach her, but due to the distance from which the video was shot, the conversation between them is not audible.

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