Cop FINED Rs. 10,000 for talking on mobile phone while riding a Honda Activa [Video]

A police official from the Punjab police faced the brunt on the steeply increased fines under the amended Motor Vehicle Act when he was caught talking on a mobile phone while riding a Honda Activa. A Twitter used tweeted the video that showed the cop blatantly flouting the law and speaking on the mobile phone while riding the Honda Activa near Matka Chowk, Chandigarh. Tribune reports that police officials of the Union Territory swung into action and slapped the errant cop with a hefty fine of Rs. 10,000, which is double of what other citizens need to pay when caught talking on the mobile phone while riding/driving. Notably, the amended motor vehicle act states that law enforcement personnel need to pay double the fine that citizens would normally pay for breaking traffic rules. The Twitter user also complained that the insurance of the Honda Activa that was ridden by the Punjab police official had expired. However, Chandigarh police don’t seem to have penalized the cop for lapsed insurance.

Not having valid insurance attracts a penalty of Rs. 2,000, and the cop would have had to shell out Rs. 4,000 had his vehicle’s insurance not been valid. It’s likely that he had a valid insurance as officials attached to Chandigarh police are said to be extremely strict while enforcing rules. Time and again, vehicles from other states passing through Chandigarh have been stopped for routine checks, and fined heavily if found non-compliant with the law. Even in the past, Chandigarh police officials have come down heavily against modified vehicles, particularly Royal Enfield motorcycles with modified exhausts and cars running tints.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise when one of their own has been slapped with a massive fine for brazenly flouting rules. If you’re wondering why the cop who’s been fined wasn’t booked for not wearing a helmet, notice the Turban he’s wearing. Sikhs with Turbans are exempt from wearing helmets in India.

Cop FINED Rs. 10,000 for talking on mobile phone while riding a Honda Activa [Video]

Meanwhile, a traffic police constable in Ranchi, Jharkhand, had to face an even bigger fine under the new Motor Vehicle Act. According to HT, He was hit with a Rs. 34,000 fine, which is perhaps the biggest fine that a police official has been charged under the new rules. The cop in question, Rakesh Kumar, was riding a motorcycle without a helmet and was stopped by Ranchi police. His pillion, assistant sub-inspector Parmeshwar Rai, was also not wearing a helmet. According to the new Motor Vehicle Act, both the rider and pillion need to wear crash helmets. Apart from not wearing a helmet, Constable Rakesh Kumar was found riding without documents such as the driving license, registration certificate and more.

Ranchi traffic superintendent of police (SP), Ajit Peter Dungdung said,

“I found the rider without a helmet. When he was stopped and asked for a driving licence, pollution under control certificate and other documents, he could not produce any of them,”