Cop rides Honda Activa for 860 Kms to deliver medicine during Corona Virus lockdown

Cop Honda Activa Corona Virus Featured

Coronavirus lockdown has been extended by two weeks after the number of coronavirus cases increased in the past few days. During the lockdown, citizens are not allowed to go out for any reason until and unless it is an emergency. Many people are stuck in different cities and are waiting to return home after the lockdown while many others are waiting to get essential things like medicines. With the lockdown in place, a police officer from Karnataka rode his Honda Activa for 860 km to deliver an important medicine.

The 47-year old policeman identified as S Kumaraswamy, who works as a head constable in Bengaluru City Police Control room saw the news of a cancer patient asking for help to get an essential drug. The cancer patient, Umesh appealed to a regional news channel in Karnataka via telephone to help him as he needed it by Sunday. The head constable saw the news and went to the television channel’s office to get the patient’s phone number. He then contacted Umesh directly and asked him about the medicine.

After getting to know that the medicine is available at the DS Research Centre in Indiranagar, Bengaluru, he took his Honda Activa scooter after returning from the office and went to the research centre to get the medicine. He then returned to his office to seek the permission from his senior, ACP Ajaykumar Singh. He then received the permission and started the long ride to Dharwad, a city in Karnataka that is about 430 km away from Bangalore.

Kumaraswamy’s wife and son asked him not to take on the risky journey but he was determined to help and deliver the medicines. He started from home at 4 AM and reached Umesh’s house at 2:30 PM. He did not carry much with him and only left with a water bottle and a packet of biscuits. He left Umesh’s house at 4 PM and reached Chitradurga at 10:30 PM. He spent the night at a Fire Station office. He then started at 5:30 AM and reached home at 10:30 AM.

The cops facilitated him after he returned from the journey and have also posted his pictures online. Kumaraswamy said that he has never done such an adventurous journey in his career of 22 years with the police department.

There are many such incidents throughout India where the authorities are making an extra effort to help the citizens. An autistic boy in Mumbai asked for camel milk from Rajasthan and the Railways arranged that for him and got the boy 20 litres of milk. Such incidents truly show the human side of the people and how helpful they can become during such times.