Madhya Pradesh cop uses two Honda Amaze sedans to recreate Singham stunt: Fined Rs. 5000 [Video]

Rohit Shetty, the director of action movies like Singham loves to involve car and bike stunts. In the past, we have seen a lot of movies from him involving high-risk action stunts and there are many who have tried to re-create these stunts for social media platforms. Well, here is one more such stunt but this time it has been re-created by a policeman in uniform. The cop has been issued a fine of Rs 5,000 after the video went viral on the Internet.

The stunt involves two Honda Amaze sedans on which the police sub-inspector is standing to recreate the scene from the movie. Identified as Manoj Yadav, the policeman here is trying to recreate the movie scene from Singham. Ajay Devgn, who starred in the Rohit Shetty movie also did a similar scene in the movie “Phool Aur Kaante“, where he can be spotted standing on two different motorcycles while entering a college.

After the video clip of the stunt went viral on the Internet, Inspector General, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, Anil Sharma has asked Yadav’s senior to take strict action. Anil Sharma has ordered Damoh police chief to take action against Yadav, following which, Rs 5,000 fine has been handed over to him for breaking traffic rules.

Madhya Pradesh cop uses two Honda Amaze sedans to recreate Singham stunt: Fined Rs. 5000 [Video]

The senior police officials have not mentioned if any disciplinary action has been taken against Yadav. However, they said that such stunts, especially by people in uniform can affect the youngsters and they will try to recreate such scenes in the future. The sub-inspector has been fined Rs 5,000 only for violating the traffic rules but there should be disciplinary actions on him too.

In movies, the car stunts seem to be real but a lot of precautions are taken to ensure that no one gets hurt. It should be noted that most of the car stunts are done by professional stuntmen who have been doing similar stunts all their lives. Further, special harness, protective gears and a range of other equipment are used to keep the actor or the stuntman safe during the filming of the stunts.

One should never try to recreate the stunts that they have seen in the movies in real life. It can go extremely wrong and can cause grave injuries to the person. Performing such stunts require the practice of years and even a small bump on the road can disbalance the person and can make him fall down on the ground. Policemen or anyone in respectable uniform doing such stunts can wrongly inspire a lot of youngsters who would try to imitate them and can hurt them badly.

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