Cop kicks running bike, pregnant woman riding pillion falls and dies

Helmet-checking police inspector chases couple on his motorcycle, kicks it, making them fall.

Cop kicks running bike, pregnant woman riding pillion falls and dies

In a shocking incident, a 30-year-old woman from Tamil Nadu lost her life after a traffic inspector allegedly kicked the two-wheeler on which she and her husband were traveling on. The incident took place at Thuvakudi near Trichy last evening. The accused, one inspector Kamaraj, has been arrested.

The deceased has been identified as Usha of a village near Papanasam in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu.The mishap took place near the Ganesha roundabout opposite BHEL quarters at Thuvakudi on the Trichy–Thanjavur national highway. Raja, Usha’s husband, was riding a motorcycle with his wife Usha on the pillion seat. A police unit attached to Trichy rural police was carrying out a drive against helmet-less riders near Thuvakudi toll plaza before the aforementioned roundabout. As per the eyewitnesses, the cops signaled Raja to stop the motorcycle, but he ignored them and kept riding on. Inspector Kamaraj got furious and got onto his motorcycle to chase the offenders. He allegedly kicked the motorcycle, which made it wobble lose control. Both Raja and his wife, Usha, fell on the road. Usha sustained serious head injuries form this fall. Raja was also seriously injured. Kamaraj fled the spot as many people started gathering around the incident spot.

Usha and Raja were taken to a government hospital in Thuvakudi, where Usha was declared dead. Even Inspector Kamaraj was admitted to the same hospital as he claimed having been injured while trying to stop Raja’s motorcycle. Usha is said to have been pregnant. However, Police said that it is yet to ascertain this through the post-mortem. A huge crowd gathered and protested against the police on the Thanjavur- Trichy national highway. Police was called in to disperse the crowd.

While Kamaraj denies kicking the motorcycle, an employee of BHEL, who claims to be a witness to this incident, confirms having seen the inspector kicking the motorcycle. This issue was brought to the notice of P S C Kalyan, the Superintendent of Police, who then ordered the arrest of Kamaraj. “The inspector has been taken under our custody and will be remanded soon,” P S C Kalyan said.