Watch cops save kidnapped businessman by making him jump out of a moving Hyundai Creta

A 35-year old businessman – Anwar was saved by a joint police operation of Karnataka and Kerala Police. A video shows how the cops set up barricades to catch the kidnappers when they were transporting the hostage. The police rescued the businessman 16 hours after the kidnapping incident.

Anwar, who is a resident of Malappuram was abducted by a gang from outside a lodge located in Uduma in Kasaragod district. The joint operation of the police from two states were able to track the four abductors and carry out the rescue operation.

The police said that Azad Anwar had visited Uduma with his boss, Nazar, who is a resident of Karipur and operates a fertilizer company. They collect hair from barbershops in the district that are used as raw materials for fertilizers.

Both of them were staying in a lodge. Some people believed that they had a lot of money with them and a helper in the lodge gave the information to the abductors. When the gang came to abduct them, Nazar managed to escape but they got hold of Anwar.

When the gang realised that the duo doesn’t have any money on them, they demanded Rs 2 lakh as ransom to set them free. They used Anwar’s phone to call his wife to ask for the ransom. The wife then informed Kasargod police. The cops then traced the mobile phone to know the location of the kidnappers.

The locals saw the kidnapping and informed the police. Nazar also filed a complaint with the police station. The team tracked the abductors and got to know that they entered Manguluru.

Joint operation

Mangaluru police tried to catch the gang. As they were travelling in the new Hyundai Creta, the cops put up barricades in various places. However, the gang managed to escape the barricades. They even crashed into several barricades at many places on the road but the cops were unable to stop them.

The police then decided to use bigger barricades to stop the car. They used a truck to block the road. The video shows that the Hyundai Creta slowed down in front of the truck, which was kept as a barricade and then took a U-Turn

When it slowed down at the barricade, a police officer opened the rear door and helped Anwar to escape from the kidnappers. Even though the Hyundai Creta sped away from the spot, the kidnappers felt the noose tightening around them and after a few kilometres, they abandoned the vehicle and escaped from the spot.

Police have identified the four kidnappers but they believe that there were more people engaged in this kidnapping.

Shantonil Nag

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