Cop lies down in front of escaping scooter rider: Real or prank? [Video]

With the new amended MV Act enforced in India from 1st September 2019, there is a constant fear among the motorists for being caught by the traffic police. This fear is also shared by the motorists who follow the rules and carry all the documents with them. Well, a video of police personnel lying down on the road while trying to stop a scooterist has become viral on the Internet. But is it real or a prank, we explain?

The small video shows a police officer coming in front of a scooter rider on an empty stretch. However, the scooter rider, who can be seen riding without a helmet going zig-zag in bid to escape from the spot and become evade getting a fine by the police officer. The cop can be seen lying down in the front of the scooterist in a bid to stop him from escaping. Well, this is one of the many challenges that the cops face on the public roads when it comes to nabbing the culprits. There are many who take a U-Turn after coming across a checkpoint or noticing a cop on the road. This is a common thing in India.

However, the video clip here is a part of a longer clip, which is a prank video done by a YouTube channel. The ANS Entertainment channel keeps on uploading such prank videos. This particular video shows a person dressed as a police officer and stopping the vehicles passing by from the spot. The video shows that many two-wheeler riders took a U-Turn instantly after spotting the cop on the road. While many others can be seen stopping and putting on the helmet when they spot the police officer. The video has been made purely for entertainment purpose but it shows how the motorists follow the rules because of the fear of getting fines.

Cop lies down in front of escaping scooter rider: Real or prank? [Video]

The new MV Act came into effect on 1st September 2019 and there are thousands of challans that have been issued to the motorists for not following the rules. India is home to the crores of vehicles and there are lakhs of vehicles added to the roads every month. The habit not following the traffic rules causes huge chaos and traffic jams on the roads. Also, India sees a high number of road accidents and every year thousands of road accident victims lose their lives.

With the new MV Act, the government planned to bring down the number of accidents and made the roads a safer place. However, there are many who do not follow the rules or follow it only when they spot the cops. This mentality needs to be changed before one can make the roads a better and safer place.