Cop takes modified Hyundai Santro for a spin: Smallest Santro in the world [Video]

Car modifications are not something that is appreciated by the cops of the various states in India. Well, here is a heavily modified Hyundai Santro that caught the attention of a traffic inspector. The cop flagged down the vehicle and took a spin in it too.

The video from Master Butter shows they are out on the city roads enjoying the new modified Santro. A police officer at a traffic check post spots the modified vehicle and flags it down. However, he shows his interest in the vehicle and the owner of the car lets the cop take a spin in the vehicle. The cop then appreciates the vehicle and tells the owner that he spots the vehicle regularly and always wanted to stop it and check it out properly.

The vehicle here is made by Magneto11 and is based on the first-generation Santro. The video shows the making of the vehicle where the Hyundai Santro can be seen completely destroyed from the rear. The Magneto11 rebuild the whole rear and cut the vehicle into half. The video shows the complete makeover of the vehicle that took around 25 days.

Cop takes modified Hyundai Santro for a spin: Smallest Santro in the world [Video]

The final product is the result of the shortened wheelbase, which has been achieved by cutting the vehicle from the middle and remove the damaged part in the rear. A new rear was fabricated and installed. It gets new tail lamps. At the front, the whole face has been modified and it now gets the headlamps from Maruti Suzuki WagonR Stingray. As per the video, the vehicle has been inspired by electric cars but they did not name the vehicle that became the inspiration behind its design.

The cabin of the car is quite interesting. It gets two seats only and the wheelbase is really small, which is why there is only space for two. The vehicle gets stock dashboard but the central console and the steering wheel are newly designed and look quite good. The engine and transmission remain the same and mechanically, nothing changes in the vehicle.

It should be noted that such modifications are not legal unless endorsed by the RTO. In fact, structural changes are extremely dangerous and the vehicle has to pass the tests by ARAI to prove the roadworthiness again. We are not sure if the cops asked for the documents of the vehicle but we can ensure you that in many other parts of India, such heavily modified vehicles will get seized instantly. Nonetheless, we do appreciate the thought and the skills that went behind the making of this vehicle. However, one should always be careful from heavily modified vehicles, especially the ones with structural changes. These vehicles have weaker structures that can give away easily.

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