Cop tries to stop a speeding bike with ‘triple riders’: Gets mowed down [Video]

To stop the traffic miscreants in India, the cops sometimes take drastic steps on the road. In the past, we have seen rogue motorists driving with cops stuck on the bonnets of their vehicles for kilometres and times when vehicles did not slow down for the cops to escape the fines. Well, here is a new video that shows a police constable getting mowed down by a bike rider in Mumbai.

The incident happened on a relatively empty street in Mumbai. According to the video, three riders on a single bike were speeding through the street when a traffic constable came in front of them. Since they were on a high speed, they could not stop in time and hit the cop who had jumped in front of them to stop the riders. It seems like that the bikers had an intention to speed away from the police and escape any kind of fines but they could not avoid the collision at the last moment.

The reckless riding was caught on the CCTV installed on the road. The cop is currently in a hospital and is undergoing treatment for his injuries. However, the scale of injuries is not known. The bikers have been detained for trying to flee from the police constable.

Cop tries to stop a speeding bike with ‘triple riders’: Gets mowed down [Video]

It should be noted that there are many such incidents where the motorists in cars and two-wheelers try to flee from the cops. It creates a dangerous situation for themselves and the people around them.

At the starting of the video, the cop can be spotted walking on the middle of the road on a blind turn in the wrong direction. The three riders appear suddenly at high speed and in a bid to stop them, the cop jumped in front of them. The biker applied the brakes but due to the momentum, he could not slow down or stop the bike before the cop. It caused a severe crash between the two.

Even though it is important to stop the miscreants from getting away, this is purely a dangerous way of stopping the motorists on the road. Earlier, the authorities said that there should not be any chasing on the roads and online fines should be sent to the culprits to avoid any such incidents where people can get injured. This is not the first time that such an incident has happened. In the past, a female police constable was dragged by a lady on her scooter for several metres after the cop tried stopping her. There are several incidents where cops have been dragged on the bonnet of the cars. The cops should deploy more digital means like online challan system to overcome such hurdles.

There is no report of the bikers getting injured during the incident. Also, the cops have not said if they are going to put any charges on the reckless riders.