Cop refuses to allow superbikes on Bangalore highway: Says ‘it’s my rule, won’t allow’

At almost all the police pickets in India, we get to see cops targeting the people riding motorcycles and scooters. The two-wheelers grab much more attention, especially when they are high-performance and expensive motorcycles. This video shows policemen stopping a group of bikers out on a weekend ride and then not allowing them to ride on the highways.

The video by VRZTV is from Karnataka. We are not sure about the exact location though. The video recorded from the helmet-mounted camera of the person, who is riding a Suzuki Hayabusa shows open highways and the biker cruising on it. A few seconds in the video, a police check post comes up and they wave him to stop.

The cops ask the biker to show the documents of the motorcycle and park the bike on the side. While accessing the documents, more bikers arrive on the spot including KTM RC390, Honda Africa Twin, Harley Davidson and more. According to the video, about 15 bikes were at the spot. The person recording the video and riding the Hayabusa was riding solo while the other bikers were in a group. However, they all got stopped for the same reason – riding expensive bikes.

After a lot of arguments and talking, the police officer on the spot claims that they were racing on the public roads. However, the bikers explain that they are on cruiser bikes and they are not for racing. The Karnataka State Police then said that the bikers are not allowed on the highway. When the bikers protested and asked them for an explanation, the police officer said that “It is my rule and I won’t allow you to continue on the highway”.

Police officer did not allow

Cop refuses to allow superbikes on Bangalore highway: Says ‘it’s my rule, won’t allow’

Even a lady biker asked questions to the cops but he did not budge. The lady in the video kept on asking the police officer when did the rule come and what is the rule. The police officer says in English that “I won’t allow these bikes to go on this highway. It is my jurisdiction and I am not allowing these bikes on the highway”.

After checking the documents of all the bikers, the cop asked them to leave from the spot and not to use the highway. The video shows in the end that the bikers take a U-turn on the same road.

Interestingly, there are a few expressways in India that do not allow two-wheelers at all. Mumbai-Pune expressway, Agra-Lucknow Expressway and many others do not allow two-wheelers and slow-moving vehicles like auto-rickshaws and bullock carts. While the rule of the bikes is generic and covers all the bikes, there should be some provision for high-end performance motorcycles.

Nonetheless, no police officer can deny you from entering a public road on a road-legal vehicle. Public roads are built because of the public taxes and the roads are meant for the convenience of the citizens. The cop on spot could have checked for a number of other things including modifications, exhausts, insurance and other legal details but refraining someone from using a road because of their vehicle is illegal and uncalled for.