Cop tries to SEIZE parked superbike: Youtuber fights back [Video]

Superbikes have always been under the scanner in India, especially because of their exclusivity and loud exhaust noise. An incident from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh shows the lack of awareness about superbikes among the police forces and how they can harass without any logic.

This video by Magician AD shows the whole drama unfolding and how a few police personnel try to take the parked motorcycles to the police station. The video shows a Honda CBR 650F and a Honda CBR 250 parked inside a market complex and a few policemen around the motorcycles.

The video reveals that the police officer wanted to seize the motorcycle and take it to the police station to get it “checked” by a senior. The police personnel said that he heard both the motorcycles coming from the road and parked inside the market. However, he only reached the bikes after 25 minutes of waiting.

The police personnel even asked the biker duo to take the Honda CBR 250 to the police station for thorough checking. However, both the riders refused to take the CBR 250 to the police station and said that these motorcycles are not illegal in any way and even the exhaust is stock.

However, the police personnel without any scientific instrument like a decibel meter kept on arguing. While the heated exchanges went on for quite a good time, the owner of the CBR 650F called his contact, who turns out to be a senior police officer.

Police personnel asks a colleague to inspect

Cop tries to SEIZE parked superbike: Youtuber fights back [Video]

After the police personnel also talks on the phone, he asks his colleagues if the exhaust is really factory-fitted. After getting confirmation from his colleague, the police officer then checks the documents and lets the bikers go from the spot.

This is not the first time that such an incident involving super bikers has happened in India. In the past, many such incidents where the police personnel seized motorcycles without any proof have occurred.

However, in recent past months, police teams have started knocking on the doors and seizing vehicles. Unlike in the past when the vehicles were seized only when found driving or riding on the public roads, the cops have taken a different approach.

Kerala MVD and Police often seize vehicles from home after receiving complaints. In the past, they have seized cars as well as motorcycles. Last year, the Police team in Bengaluru seized a world-record holder modified motorcycle from the home of the owner.

With such rising incidents, it might become quite difficult to own a modified motorcycle or car in India. However, it is becoming equally difficult for bikers with stock motorcycles to enjoy the roads with such behaviour from the police. What do you think about it?