Cop warns of 5K challan if he spots ATV on roads: Then rides it on the road

All-Terrain-Vehicles or ATVs are becoming popular in India, especially in recent times after many new manufacturers entered the market. There was a blanket ban on the ATVs a few years ago but that changed when manufacturers started homologating the vehicles as tractors. Most ATVs are still not allowed on the roads and this police officer caught this man riding it on the public roads. Here is what happened.

The video is by Bhagwat Prasad Pandey on YouTube. The video shows the policeman and his team first getting to know more about the ATV from the owner. The owner of the vehicle explains all the features to the police officer and also says that it is not road legal and cannot be registered as well.

The policeman even asks the owner to demonstrate the capabilities of the ATV. To which, the owner takes the vehicle off the road surface and shows how it can come out of difficult situations even though it is a 4X2.

The owner then explains all the switches and gears in the ATV. The cop then takes a test ride of the vehicle as well. The cop comes out impressed with the ATV but also says that he feels like that he is riding a rickshaw instead of a proper vehicle. He also gave a reason for the same. The police officer said that such vehicles are quite difficult to turn and that is why they are tricky to ride.

Cop warns of 5K challan if he spots ATV on roads: Then rides it on the road

Interestingly, if you learn how to ride a bicycle or a motorcycle, you learn counter steering. This means if you push the right-side handlebar of a two-wheeler when it is moving, it will turn towards its right. However, the same does not apply to vehicles that have more than two wheels

ATVs are banned on roads

ATVS are illegal on public roads in India. Since most of them do not comply with the regulations, they are not allowed to get registered as well. However, there are a few manufacturers who have homologated their ATVs as tractors. It means that they sell the ATVs as tractors and these can be registered and used on public roads as well.

The Indian government also does not allow dirt bikes to be road legal. Dirt bikes can only be used on private property and not on public roads. Similarly, if you own an ATV that is not allowed on public roads, you can take them to private spaces like a farmhouse and use the vehicle there without any problem. In the end, the police officer also tells the owner that if he spots the ATV on the public roads again, he will issue a challan of Rs 5,000! But before that, he rode the ATV around.

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