Cops arrest 44 youngsters for doing bike stunts & racing on public road [Video]

There are several modern techniques that cops are using these days to keep a check on criminal activities and traffic rule violations. Other than the regular CCTV cameras installed in various parts on the city, they also rely on social media to see if any such traffic violation is being committed in a particular. In one such incident, Visakhapatnam police has arrested 44 youngsters who were conducting races and doing stunts on their two-wheelers on public road. Such incidents have been lately increasing in the city specially during midnight or early morning hours on weekends.

Visakhapatnam police arrested 44 young riders who had gathered in various parts of the city to showcase stunts and races on their motorcycles and scooters. They not only performed stunts but, blocked roads, damaged public property and fought with a state transport corporation bus driver. The arrests of individuals were made after a few videos of the youth performing stunts, damaging public property and assault on the APSRTC driver went viral on the internet. After analysing the videos on social media platforms, the cops identified 96 youngsters who were involved in bike stunts and racing.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (East) Harshita Chandra told media that almost 300 bikes gathered at one place and they were performing stunts and racing on public roads. They blocked the road between RTC complex and Swarnabharati indoor stadium on July 9 night and caused much inconvenience to the people. Hemanth Kumar who was one of the youth present at the spot obstructed the way of a road transport corporation bus, damaged the windshield wiper and also assaulted the bus driver. After this incident, the bike riders went to Siripuram and Beach road and based on the CCTv footage and social media posts available, the cops have arrested 44 of them, including Hemanth Kumar.

Cops arrest 44 youngsters for doing bike stunts & racing on public road [Video]

The investigation also revealed that this was not the first time riders had gathered in large numbers in city. Riders in group of 100-200 people used to gather on beach road late night on weekends. Out of 44 people who were arrested, 7 people have been sent for remand. Almost half of the youngsters arrested by the cops were students. 12 of them were working and some had their own business. The police has seized 39 two-wheelers including scooter, motorcycles and high-end bikes. The video clearly shows people performing stunts on the two-wheeler.

Recently, a YouTuber from Noida,  Nizamul Khan was arrested for performing stunts on the roads of Noida. Performing stunts on public roads is not a good idea by any means. If you really want to practice stunts or conduct races, you should look for a private property or a race track. Doing stunts on public roads can be dangerous in many ways. The rider is not only putting his own but others life in risk as well. When you see a person performing stunt on a public road, it might make them lose their concentration and that can lead to accident. There have been incidents in the past where riders have lost control on the motorcycle while performing stunts and ended up in an accident.

Via: TV5 News