Cops stop biker for lockdown violation: Get cobra as reason [Video]

The second wave of the COVID-19 has forced many states and union territories across India to go under a full lockdown for quite some time now. Only essential services are allowed during these testing times and the law enforcers are out on the roads to make sure that no one without a valid reason comes out of the home. Many people give quite weird reasons for coming out of the homes. This man took a snake out of his bag as a reason for coming out of the home.

An incident near the Hardinge circle in Mysore, Karnataka went viral on the Internet. When a team of police stopped a biker to question him, his reason was quite bizarre. In a tweet shared by journalist Deepa Balakrishnan, the cops can be seen asking questions to the biker. The man informs him that he is out doing essential work, which is rescuing a snake.

The man told the cops that he just rescued a snake from the Jockey quarters residential area and is on his way back. When the cops asked for proof, he opened his backpack and took out a plastic box. Inside the box, there was a cobra snake and the man patiently showed it to the cops too.

The viral tweet has people showering appreciation on the snake rescuer. While the cities are completely under lockdown, saving and rescuing animals sure is an essential service, but there is no clear direction from the authorities for such people.

Cops stop biker for lockdown violation: Get cobra as reason [Video]

Cops let him go

After the rescuer showed the snake, the cops kept their distance from him and let him go without any further question. It sure is admirable how calmly the rescuer answered all the questions to the cops calmly. There are many incidents across India where the cops start to beat the person who comes out of the home without asking for any reason.

There were thousands of videos last year showing how the cops brutally beat the people coming out of their homes. Similar videos of the police beating people who come out of the homes have become viral this year too. In fact, some cops have been called out for their inhumane behaviour towards the vegetable sellers too.

While the punishment for violating the lockdown and curfew rules vary across India, some cops have resorted to unique ways like making the violators take a pledge that they will not come out of their homes during the lockdown.

The police are even seizing vehicles of the violators. Last year, the Karnataka Police seized thousands of bikes and cars that were returned after the first wave of the pandemic but only when the owners paid a fine and showed the documents. This year too, the Karnataka Police have seized thousands of vehicles from the motorists who came out during the curfew and lockdown.