Cops BREAK illegal number plates & hooters of Mahindra Scorpio, Ford Endeavour & Figo Freestyle [Video]

Even though there are strict rules on the use of sirens and illegal number plates on vehicles in India, a high number of vehicles flouting the rules can be found. Law enforcers in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh are on a special drive to remove such illegal number plates and hooters from the cars.

Here is a video that shows police officers actively stopping vehicles and removing the illegal parts.

Breaking the number plates

The team of cops are on a special drive to stop any vehicle from using illegal nameplates or number plates on the vehicle. Many vehicles can be seen with number plates with the name and designation, which is illegal. Most of the cars can be seen with such number plates belong to political parties and the police are making sure that such vehicles are stopped for checks and the illegal parts like the nameplate and the registration plates are removed. The cops are seizing the plates and are even breaking some of them to ensure that they cannot be used again.

The video shows various cars from Mahindra Scorpio to Ford Endeavour getting stopped for the checks and getting the illegal number plates removed subsequently. The cops can also be seen removing the hooters from the cars. It is illegal to put any siren or flasher lamp in India except for emergency vehicles like the Ambulance and official police vehicles. Even the cars of the prime minister of India is not allowed to have a flasher beacon or siren mounted on the vehicle.

The cops ran a similar drive a week back and stopped a few local politicos and MLAs who had such illegal plates on their vehicles. Even after arguments, the plates were removed and destroyed in front of the vehicle owners. The cops can start such drives to ensure that the vehicles are not flouting any rule but more than often we see such vehicles pass through police barricades without being stopped because of the affluent and well-connected car owners. However, this a welcome change that treats all the vehicles equally on the road.

The number plate ruling was enforced in 2015 when the Motor Vehicle Act (MV Act) was modified. Section 50 was amended to ensure that all the cars in India display a uniform number plate. Uniform number plates ensure that they are easy to read and the number of a culprit vehicle can be noted down without any problem. Uniform and clear number plates are also very useful in issuing e-Challan where the traffic cops can click a picture of the vehicle through CCTV camera for flouting rules.

All the motorised vehicles in India are required to display registration number by law. There is a specific number plate size that has to be followed for two-wheelers and four-wheelers in India. The government has also made it mandatory to display High Security Number Plates (HSRP) for the newer vehicles. Such number plates have safety screws that cannot be tampered with.


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