Cops begin BREAKING LED auxiliary lights installed on bikes [Video]

LED lights are a great invention and almost all the industries around the world have started using them. Even the automobile industry has started offering LED lamps with affordable cars and two-wheelers. The low energy consumption and high intensity of LED lamps make them one of the most preferred choices of the automobile owners. However, there are many cars and bikes who do not come with stock LED lamps and many of such car or bike owners go for aftermarket set-ups. These can be extremely dangerous as they are bright and are not tuned properly to illuminate the roads. Instead, they blind the drivers of the oncoming vehicles.

Erode District Police in Tamil Nadu has shared a video on social media platform showing a bunch of motorcycles with aftermarket auxiliary LED lamps. The cops can be seen breaking down the LED auxiliary lamps with a hammer and other means. There are scores of such bikes seized by the cops.

It should be noted that aftermarket LED auxiliary lamps are not legal in India. Even cars with aftermarket lamps are illegal and can be fined by the cops. Aftermarket LED auxiliary lamps create a high-intensity light and many of these aftermarket lamps create flashes of light like strobes. These can be extremely dangerous on the roads and can even blind the drivers and riders of the vehicles on the opposite side.

Cops Led Break Featured

Cops can be seen destroying the lamps and then giving some instructions in the local language. The sale of such LED auxiliary lamps is not banned in India. They can be installed on the vehicles and can be used at private property. However, using such lamps on public roads can be extremely dangerous and can cause temporary blindness to the others. It can lead to traffic accidents.

Installation of the LED auxiliary is also allowed in India. However, whenever driving or riding on the public roads, such auxiliary lamps should be properly covered with black material to ensure that if even they are switched on by mistake, they do not affect the road users on the opposite side. There are many who also use wide LED bars on the top of their vehicles and use them on the public roads.

This is not the first time that the cops have resorted to breaking the illegal objects installed on a vehicle. Earlier, various state police forces in India seized the Royal Enfield’s aftermarket exhausts and destroyed them using a heavy road roller and crane. Mumbai Police even acquired new devices to cut such aftermarket exhausts on the spot and fine the user. While this may not seem an ethical way to punishing the culprit, the high number of users of such illegal objects force the cops to take such drastic steps.

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