Cops BUST truck thief after 60 Km chase: Incident caught on video

Police officials in Trichy, Tamilnadu were involved in a truck chase for over 60 Kms before they busted the truck thief. The entire incident – that seems straight out of a movie scene – was caught on video. Here, check it out.

What exactly happened….

The stolen truck belongs to one Mr. Muthappan, owner of a rice mill in Trichy. The truck was parked outside the rice mill as its driver was on a lunch break. Making use of this opportunity, the truck thief drove the vehicle away. Kumar – an alert accountant working for Mr. Muthappan’s rice mill – noticed the truck being driven away by the thief even as the vehicle’s original driver was having lunch. Immediately, Mr. Kumar followed the truck on this motorcycle, giving it a chase.

Mr. Kumar finally caught up with the truck when it halted at a railway crossing. Kumar parked his motorcycle on the roadside and quickly got onto the loading area of the truck. From here on, the chase gets exciting. Kumar calls up the rice mill owner even as he’s on the truck that’s now gaining speed on the highway. The rice mill owner in turn calls up cops, who then mount a chase even as Mr. Kumar holds onto the truck’s railing, fearing for his life.

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The cops try to get the truck driver to stop but the driver is no mood to oblige. At one point, the driver parks the truck, and when cops approach the truck he speeds away. This catches the cops by surprise, who continue to chase the truck, which even breaks a barrier at a toll booth and continues to be on the run. Eventually, the truck gets stuck in traffic, and comes to a standstill. The cops – still following behind – quickly seize the opportunity to barge into the truck and takes its driver into custody. As the video indicates, the truck thief gets roughed up before taken into custody.

Runaway vehicles can be very dangerous….

And the bigger the vehicle, the riskier it gets. If you ever find yourself in the path of a runaway vehicle, don’t try to chase it or stop it. Just get out of the way, and leave the chasing to law enforcement (police) officials. Fleeing criminals can be desperate and most of them may not think twice before colliding with vehicles trying to stop them. This can put the lives of people trying to stop such runaway vehicles at great risk.

In India, vehicle chases by police officials are not very sophisticated. There is generally air support for police officials involved in chasing down fleeing criminals. Also, equipment such as spike strips and barricades are not readily available with police officials to stop a fleeing vehicle. In India, such chases generally end with fleeing criminals escaping or getting stuck in traffic. Recently, a truck driver in Rajasthan fled the cops, and came to a halt only after the truck hit barricades set up by the police to stop it.