Cops check out the Hero Impulse, want to buy the XPulse 200 [Video]

The Hero Impulse was India’s first budget dirt cum commuter bike. Though it didn’t sell as much as it was expected and the company discontinued it later, it made a mark in the industry. The Impulse was perfect for the dug up city roads one has to encounter every day while commuting. Apart from its practicality, the Impulse also looked the part and stood out among the crowd of regular 150 cc bikes in India. This is probably the reason why some cops became interested in the bike when they saw it doing some off-road stuff. Check out the video below by RevCorner to watch the cop’s reaction after taking a good loo at the bike.

The guy on the Hero Impulse was apparently shooting a video while doing some skids and slides on the gravel and dirt-laden path. After a few moments, two cops arrived on a bike and inquired about what he was doing at a secluded spot. To this, the biker replied he was shooting some video footage and the conversation kept going on on a lighter note. The cops then get interested in the Hero Impulse with one of them doing a full walk around, checking it out from every angle.

Cops Bike 2

The cops were apparently impressed by its unique looks, big tires and high ground clearance. He displayed interest in buying one too, to which the biker guy suggested him to buy the upcoming Hero XPulse 200R. The cops then ride away after checking his license and exchanging a few more words. They were probably conducting a routine check after seeing a guy riding along at a secluded spot but rather came away impressed with the bike. We also suggest them to get the Hero XPulse 200R if they are interested in such bikes.

Speaking of which, the Hero XPulse 200R is based on the same platform as the Hero Xtreme 200R and will be launched in the coming months. The adventure tourer will be powered by a 200 cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that will churn out around 18.4 Bhp of maximum power and a peak torque of 17.1 Nm. The bike will wear 21-inch tires up front and 18-inch units at the rear. This along with long travel suspension will make the XPulse 200 a comfortable and capable bike off-road the road and during daily commutes.

The bike also gets a massive ground clearance of 220 mm and an upswept exhaust, both of which will aid in its off-road prowess. Additionally, the Hero XPulse may also get full LED headlamps, long windscreen, luggage rack, knuckle guards and ABS as standard. Upon its launch in India, it will have no direct competitor in its price range. The nearest rival to it can be said to be the Royal Enfield Himalayan and the Recently launched Bullet 350 Trials.

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