Cops CRUSH Rs. 1 lakh worth aftermarket exhaust of a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R superbike [Video]

The Indian government has laid some pretty strict laws against the aftermarket exhausts and in the past, many many motorcycles that have been found flouting the norms have been issued a challan. In many states, cops ran special drives to catch motorcycles with aftermarket exhausts and even destroy them using special tools and in more dramatic situations, using road rollers. While we have seen several videos of the police destroying the aftermarket exhausts of the motorcycles, most of them belong to bikes like Royal Enfield Bullet. Here is a video that shows expensive SC-Project exhaust of Kawasaki Ninja ZX10 RR destroyed by Karnataka Police.

The video shared by Catch A Mile, tells the story about how the police stopped him for the aftermarket exhaust on his Kawasaki ZX10RR. He was stopped while riding on the road and a person among the crowd asked him to rev his bike to the maximum. The person claimed that he is a video journalist and want to record the sound of the bike. After Gautam, the owner of the ZX10RR did that, the cops issued him a fine for installing an aftermarket exhaust and he was asked to report to a nearby police station.

At the station, Gautam was asked to remove the exhaust from the bike. He did not wait for the mechanic to arrive and remove the exhaust all by himself. He also installed the stock exhaust system of the bike. However, the cops did not give him back the SC-Project aftermarket exhaust system and told him that he can get it after a few days.

Cops CRUSH Rs. 1 lakh worth aftermarket exhaust of a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R superbike [Video]

When Gautam reached the police station to collect the exhaust after a few days, he was dumbstruck. The cops said that according to a new rule, any illegal exhaust system can be seized and destroyed by them regardless of its value and price tag. The exhaust given back to him was in a crumpled form and it cannot be repaired. The SC-Project exhausts are imported from Italy and according to the owner, the cost is close to Rs 1 lakh. He also paid a hefty fine to the cops for illegally riding on the road with an aftermarket exhaust.

It should be noted that such exhausts are not illegal to install on the motorcycles or cars in India. However, they cannot be used on public roads. Such modified motorcycles can be towed a flatbed to private property like a racing track and can be used there. However, on the public roads, removing the stock exhaust and installing any aftermarket exhaust that exceeds the noise level set by the authorities can be seized and destroyed like this. Gautam expressed that he feels such actions are unfair and should not be done. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section.