Cops detain superbike rider after neighbour complains about loud exhaust

Owning and living with a superbike is quite different from what we think. The constant attention gained by the superbikes is something that makes life much more difficult than it is should be. Here is a video that shows a biker in trouble after he passed through a narrow street on his superbike. He was detained by the police on the complaint of the neighbours too.

According to the video, the person was riding his bike through the narrow streets of West Bengal when the neighbours got offended. The biker says that he passed through the street for three to four times and he was without any helmet and was not wearing safety gears like a riding jacket or full pants. The neighbours got offended because of the loud noise and stopped him the next time he was going through.

The video shows a few people from the family screaming at the biker. They are saying that because of the loud noise, the elderly at the home, wh are heart patient can become sick. To which, the biker apologizes and says that he will not bring the bike to that street again. However, the neighbours are not satisfied with the answer and continue to scream on the biker. Then the biker calls his father at the spot. They even scream at his father and ask him not to talk. Even the owner of the factory where his father works come to the spot but the neighbours do not pay any attention to him and shut him up too.

After a lengthy fight, the police arrive on the spot. Looking at the cops, the neighbours say that the biker is recording the incident through the helmet-mounted camera and it is illegal. They even threaten to throw the helmet away. The rider then takes off the helmet and keeps it away without turning off the camera. The cops try to understand the situation but the neighbours give them a written complaint.

The cops also try to understand how loud the motorcycle is. One of the cops take a pillion ride on the motorcycle and goes for a short ride with the owner. Later, the cops had to detain him due to the written complaint. They keep him in the police station for a couple of hours and then release him without any charges.

Unwanted attention

It is true that the superbikes attract unwanted attention, even when you do not want it. It is not easy to own a superbike in India and if when you stay in a locality with jealous or difficult neighbours, life can become quite happening with a superbike. The rider here is looking for support and is asking his subscribers if it is fair to detain him and behave in such a way with him after he apologized multiple times for his loud motorcycle.

The bike itself is not modified and is in stock condition. If the bike had an aftermarket exhaust, the neighbours getting annoyed due to the loud noise made by performance exhausts would have been quite understandable. However, getting offended because of the noise of a stock bike is quite unfair, in our opinion.