Cops fine man for ‘not wearing helmet in a car’; His protest is EPIC

Cops in Rajasthan fined a man for not wearing a helmet while driving his Maruti Omni van. The man got back at the cops with a unique protest, and has now made everyone take notice of how unreasonable and high-handed police officials can sometimes be.

Cops fine man for ‘not wearing helmet in a car’; His protest is EPIC

What’s happening here?

23 year-old Vishnu Sharma, a resident of Bharatpur in Rajasthan was fined by traffic police on the December 1st of 2017, while he was in his Maruti Omni bearing registration number RJ 02 UA 5840. The cops, at the Uncha Nagla police outpost on the UP-Rajasthan, fined him Rs. 200 for not wearing a helmet. To escape a future fine, Mr. Sharma now wears a helmet while driving his Maruti Omni. This unique form protest has gone viral on social media, and has put the spotlight on the fine.

Meanwhile, here’s what the cop, Constable Prahlad Singh, who fined Mr. Sharma said about the incident,

I wanted to fine him for not using seat belt, but mistakenly wrote ‘not wearing helmet.  

Cops fine man for ‘not wearing helmet in a car’; His protest is EPIC

However, Mr. Sharma refutes this, claiming that he was wearing the seatbelt when he was stopped at the police outpost,

I showed them all documents, but they insisted on imposing fine. I had fastened the seat belt. I don’t want to be fined again.

The challan issued to Mr. Sharma shows that Constable Prahlad Singh has mentioned a motorcycle at multiple places. However, he does not make any mistake while writing down the registration number. Whether Constable Singh made a clerical error is something only a detailed investigation can reveal.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that something like this has happened in India. Earlier this year, the Goa police got into a similar controversy after slapping a fine on a motorcyclist ‘for not wearing a seatbelt’. Cops in India are known to randomly fine motorists to meet ‘yearly/monthly fine collection targets’.

Via HindustanTimes