Cops fine youth making Instagram reels while sitting on the bonnet of a moving jeep [Video]

We have come across several instances where people are seen making videos on the road for the sake of publicity on social media platforms. Some of them have millions of followers, while others are trying to gain more followers by making viral videos. In many cases, people often end up doing dangerous stunts on the road and putting their own and others’ lives in danger. We have mentioned on our website several times that doing such stunts on public roads is both illegal and dangerous.

Here, we have a video from Madhya Pradesh where the police stopped a group of youngsters who were recording an Instagram reel while sitting on the bonnet of a moving open-top jeep. The video was uploaded by Nikhil Rana on their YouTube channel and was featured on some regional media websites.

In the video, we see a bunch of youngsters traveling in an open-top jeep in Madhya Pradesh. The video was recorded by a police officer who was traveling with the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) through the same route. There were four young men in the jeep, and one of them was actually sitting on the bonnet of the car facing the passengers. As there was no windshield in the vehicle, the guy was able to sit without any issues.

Not only was he sitting on the bonnet, but he was also recording a reel for Instagram. The boys did not realize that there was a police vehicle behind them. They were enjoying the trip in their jeep while recording the video. When the senior police official saw the youngsters, he started recording a video and asked the driver to stop the vehicle after overtaking the jeep. As the police vehicle came close to the jeep, the officer asked the boys to stop the vehicle, and they obeyed.

Cops fine youth making Instagram reels while sitting on the bonnet of a moving jeep [Video]
Cops fine youngsters on jeep

The police officer was furious to see the youngsters perform such stunts on a public road. He came out of the car and scolded them for being irresponsible on the road. After that, he asked his subordinates to take the vehicle into custody to avoid such problems. The driver of the jeep can be heard saying that they were being careful, and that is why they drove the car away from the city. They even apologized, but the officer was not ready for any excuses. He asked the driver to get down or take the vehicle to the police station.

After some time, the person sitting on the bonnet stood up and sat on the rear seat. The person sitting on the co-passenger seat can be heard speaking arrogantly to the cop. As per the video, the cops did take action against them. They took the vehicle into custody, and it is said that the cops also issued a challan against the driver and occupants for performing stunts on public roads.

We have said it before, and we will say it again: public roads are not meant for performing stunts. If you really want to do such performances, it is recommended to do it on private property or a race track where the chances of injuring other road users are much less. By doing such stunts on public roads, you can easily get into an accident.